Monday, July 6, 2009


blackberry.pngNo, not the phone. We went to Toomey's Blackberry Farm this weekend and picked bucketfuls of blackberries. If you've never been blueberry, raspberry, or blackberry picking, I highly recommend it! Just go early in the morning, and spray some natural bug spray on.

Here's some nutritional info from their site:

Blackberries Nutritional Values:

One cupful raw:

Calcium 46 mg
Calories 84
Carbohydrate 18 gm
Cholesterol 0 gm
Fiber 7 gm
Magnesium 28 mg
Manganese 2 mg
Potassium 282 mg
Protein 1gm
Vitamin A 290 iu
Vitamin C 30 mg
Vitamin E 1.5 iu

The blackberry is very low in calories. One cup contains approximately one half the Vitamin C Recommended Dietary Allowance for one day.

Blackberries have no fat, are sodium free, cholesterol free, high in fiber and have been attributed to helping reduce cancer.

Phytochemical and Antioxidants Characteristics:

Blackberries are rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanin pigments, vitamin C, E, and ellagic acid; all may provide protection against cancer and chronic disease.

Blackberries contain significant amounts of Ellagic Acid which is reputed to prevent unwanted damage to cell membranes and other structures in the body by neutralizing overly reactive oxygen-containing molecules called free radicals.

Blackberries are a natural source of salicylate, an active substance found in aspirin.

Blackberries are considered to be an astringent due to their high tannin content. Tannins
tighten tissue, reduce bleeding, and alleviate diarrhea and intestinal inflammation.

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